Solve ME/CFS Initiative Webinar Series: Derya Unutmaz, M.D.


On July 19th, Derya Unutmaz will participate in the Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI) Webinar Series, a free series with the purpose of educating patients, researchers, and healthcare providers about ME/CFS. The webinars are held several times per year, and are live-streamed and later uploaded to Youtube for the community to watch. Derya’s webinar, titled “Crossroad of the Immune Response and the Microbiome: Impact on ME/CFS,” will provide an overview on how the microbiome can impact the immune system, and how dysbiosis of the microbiome could cause a perturbation of this interaction, contributing to the pathophysiology of ME/CFS. Participants can register for the webinar on SMCI’s website, and can then send in questions ahead of time that will be asked during the webinar.

To register for the webinar on SMCI’s website, click here. 

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