New Website for the US ME/CFS Clinician Coalition

The US ME/CFS Clinician Coalition, which was formed in 2018 by a group of American ME/CFS expert clinicians, has recently released a website so that it can reach clinicians everywhere. It is especially important to reach clinicians who are just beginning to develop expertise in treating ME/CFS, as many of the current specialists are nearing retirement age, and new clinicians are needed in the field.

The goals of the Coalition, which include advocate Mary Dimmock and clinician Dr. Lucinda Bateman, are to improve clinical care for ME/CFS patients by promoting best clinical practices, expand the pool of medical providers with ME/CFS expertise, and provide clinical insights to scientists to accelerate and promote advances in research. The website includes a section about what ME/CFS is and also has a guide for clinical management of the disease, plus it includes a section where providers can find Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses and other educational resources about ME/CFS.

To visit the new US ME/CFS Clinician Coalition website, click here.