Derya Unutmaz, M.D. 
CRC Program Director
Immunology Lead
The Jackson Laboratory

Researches the mechanisms of human T cell differentiation, activation and regulation in the contexts of normal immune response, diseases and aging.

Julia Oh, Ph.D.
CRC Associate Program Director
Microbiome Lead
The Jackson Laboratory

Dr. Oh’s main research interests focus on the human microbiome—the diverse bacteria, fungi, and viruses that inhabit our bodies—for its potential to deliver treatments for infectious and other diseases.

Peter Robinson, M.D., MSC
CRC Computational Lead
The Jackson Laboratory

Develops algorithms and software for the analysis of exome and genome sequences.

Cindy Bateman, M.D.
CRC Clinical Core
Bateman Horne Center
Focused on the diagnosis and management of unexplained chronic fatigue, ME/CFS and FM, inspired by the silent suffering of her sister, Shauna Bateman Horne.

Suzanne Vernon, Ph.D.
CRC Clinical Core
Bateman Horne Center
Dedicated to building a research program focused on identifying biomarkers, developing diagnostic tests, and uncovering evidence-based treatments for ME/CFS.

Alison Motsinger-Reif, Ph.D.
CRC Biostatistics Lead
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Works with the Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch (BCBB) to develop computational methods to detect genetic risk factors of common, complex traits in human populations.

Mark Adams, Ph.D.
CRC Microbiome Lead
The Jackson Laboratory

Development and application of approaches for human and mouse microbiome analysis and genomic analysis of the evolution of Gram-negative pathogens.

Duygu Ucar, Ph.D.
CRC Bioinformatics Lead
The Jackson Laboratory
Develops computational models using genome datasets to study gene regulation and identify hypotheses for genomic medicine.

Xudong Yao, Ph.D.
CRC Metabolites Lead
University of Connecticut
Research interests include proteomic chemistry, and novel and broadly applicable technologies for complex “-ome” analysis.

Courtney Gunter, M.S.
CRC Program Manager and Patient Advocacy/Outreach Lead
The Jackson Laboratory
Dedicated to data and collaboration coordination, data analysis and management, and patient advocacy and community outreach efforts.