New Columbia CRC Study: Plasma proteomic profiling in ME/CFS


W. Ian Lipkin and our collaborators at the Center for Solutions for ME/CFS at Columbia University recently published a new article in PLoS ONE on July 21, 2020 on plasma proteomic profiling in ME/CFS. The study looked at 39 ME/CFS patients and 41 healthy controls, and found a significant association between ME/CFS and immune dysregulation. The group was able to use a machine learning classifier to differentiate between ME/CFS patients and healthy controls with a high degree of accuracy, so the study highlights the potential use of the plasma proteome as a source of biomarkers for ME/CFS.

The Center for Solutions also just released a blog post about the study, which was written by Dr. Anthony Komaroff and discusses the implications of the results. Dr. Komaroff explains what proteomics is, and what the results of the study mean for ME/CFS and potential research and treatments in the future.

To read the full research article in PLoS ONE, click here.
To read the blog post by Dr. Anthony Komaroff, click here.

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