AAEM 2019 Fall Conference on Fatigue: A Complex Diagnosis and Treatment Dilemma

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 1.38.30 PM.png

On October 10-13th, 2019, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) is sponsoring a four-day conference in Lexington, KY. The conference, which has a different focus each year that relates to environmental medicine, is called “Fatigue: A Complex Diagnosis and Treatment Dilemma,” and is largely focused on ME/CFS. The presenters, who are mostly physicians, will cover a wide variety of topics relevant to ME/CFS and other forms of fatigue, and include Dr. Nancy Klimas, who will talk about her work using systems biology to study how the autonomic nervous system and immune system interact in ME/CFS. Other speakers include Dikoma Shungu, PhD, of the Cornell CRC, who will discuss the role oxidative stress in the brain plays in ME/CFS, and Dr. Lucinda Bateman, MD, of the JAX CRC clinical core, who will discuss how physicians can assess the ME/CFS core symptoms by using measurements such as Hours of Upright Activity (HUA) and orthostatic testing to aid in diagnosis and treatment of patients with ME/CFS.

The entire AARM four-day conference is available to livestream, and video will be made available on each day of the livestream through November 25th. Each day of the conference costs $50 to access.

Click here to register for the livestream. 

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