Jennifer Brea’s ME/CFS is in Remission

Jennifer Brea and husband Omar Wasow, source:

Jennifer Brea recently announced that her ME/CFS is in remission in a new health update blog! After having a total thyroidectomy last year for stage 1 papillary thyroid cancer, Jennifer’s symptoms were greatly exacerbated, and she experienced new symptoms of flaccid limbs, numb legs, difficulty speaking and thinking, and even a hard time breathing when turning her head too far to one side. A cervical collar helped ease her symptoms, which led to her receiving a diagnosis of craniocervical instability and atlantoaxial instability (CCI/AAI). Jennifer received a series of surgeries about six months ago to treat her CCI/AAI, and has had a rapid recovery of all of her symptoms of both CCI/AAI and ME/CFS.

After eight years of moderate to severe ME/CFS that left Jennifer mostly bed bound and dependent on a power wheelchair when she did leave the house, she has now stopped taking all of her ME/CFS medications and is walking and even exercising again. She is still recovering from the surgeries and is deconditioned from her eight years of living with ME/CFS, but is confident that she is on a path to recovery.

Hearing about recovery can cause a mix of emotions, and Jennifer also addresses this in her post. In addition to grieving the time she lost due to ME/CFS, she also feels survivor’s guilt for getting better while others continue to suffer. She plans to stay involved and search for answers, and says in an article on HealthRising that, “the story of remission makes it even more clear to me than ever that we must fight for research to better understand the mechanisms underlying all of our cases. I will never forget the experiences that I have gone through over the last eight years of illness. With my improved health, I will continue to fight alongside each of you for equality, dignity and better care; to challenge stigma and advocate for research dollars and medical education. I will not give up. I am in this fight until every person living with ME, no matter the cause, has access to diagnosis and care.

To read the full story of Jennifer’s recovery, click here. 

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Brea’s ME/CFS is in Remission

  1. Hi Jen, there are no words to tell you how wonderful I feel for you. I know what you’ve been through because ive’ lived it the last 49 years with 2 remissions. I am 78 so thrilled you have the rest of your life to spend with that beautiful husband you are blessed to have. I lived in Florida for 35 yrs but needed to come back to Ma because of this horrible illness. Most of the time I’m too tired to have visitors——- I was thrilled I would see my grandchildren but because of the pandemic and my circumstances that rarely happens. Continue to do well and I’ll be thinking of you and your wonderful hubby.
    May God Love and keep you on the right path.
    Fondly, Kathleen Riley


  2. I’m so happy for you hun. I too have been bedbound for 14 yrs. When I was just 35. I wish you all the best and better days for all of us. In 14 yrs no Dr has treated me just ignored me. It’s sad


  3. Marilyn Bailey

    Having just watched Unrest by Jennifer Brea, which brought me to tears, can I just say how incredibly brave ME sufferers are. I had obviously heard of the disease but did not fully appreciate the immense struggles experienced by both patient and carers.
    Thank you to all those who took part in the program, for helping to educate people like myself and for giving a reminder to those of us who are more fortunate- to never forget the gift of life and to use it to the full, as those struck down by this illness would wish to do!!


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