Upcoming NIH ME/CFS Advocacy Telebriefing Call

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 1.38.48 PM

On October 23, the NIH will hold their third public ME/CFS Advocacy Telebriefing Call of 2018 to update the community on NIH’s efforts to advance research on ME/CFS, as well as to hear thoughtful feedback about the current efforts and research from the community. The call will be held from 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET.

To participate, you must first register for the event by emailing NIHME-CFSWorkingG@ninds.nih.gov and saying that you plan to attend. The telebriefing meeting can then be accessed by dialing 866-844-9416 and using the passcode 7178985. If you will be calling from another country, there is a chart with access information for each country available after registration.

To view the event on NIH’s website, click here. 

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