Courtney Gunter Visits the Bateman Horne Center

On August 23, 2018, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit our clinical core for the ME/CFS CRC at Bateman Horne Center (BHC) in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the site visit, I met everyone involved with the project, talked about some of the overall goals and initiatives of the clinic, and learned more about the patient recruitment process for research studies that BHC is involved with, such as for the research we’re doing here at JAX. I also gave a presentation to the BHC employees and Board about how and why we study the immune system at our CRC, and some of our community outreach initiatives that we hope will lead to patient engagement around our research, as well as forge relationships with ME/CFS physicians to further diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Courtney Gunter presents to BHC employees and Board members about the JAX CRC.
IMG_0769 2
BHC employees and Board eat lunch during Courtney’s presentation.
IMG_0779 2
A look inside the BHC Clinic.
IMG_0778 2
A tour of the facility with research coordinator Tina.
IMG_0774 2
BHC’s exercise training cycle for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET).
IMG_0775 2
Jihyun and Nate, employees of BHC’s research department.
IMG_0772 2
One of the conference rooms where support group meetings take place.

Stay tuned for a special spotlight post about our clinical core at Bateman Horne Center, where I will talk more about the goals and initiatives of BHC, plus some of their research plans for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia (FM).

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