Huffington post article on [ME/CFS] Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Source: Koldunov via Getty Images; for HuffPost

An article in HuffPost discusses ME/CFS symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. In particular, the author discusses post-exertional malaise (PEM), the major symptom of ME/CFS. It is thought by many that PEM is the main defining symptom of ME/CFS, and is characterized by extreme fatigue following mental or physical exertion, and which is not alleviated by rest.

The article also discusses the difficulty patients often experience in achieving a diagnosis of ME/CFS, saying, “diagnosis of [ME/CFS] is largely an exercise in narrowing down, so all possible conditions which match a person’s symptoms are gradually crossed off and [ME/CFS] is the last remaining answer.” It’s an interesting read and good visibility for this much neglected disease.

To read the full article on HuffPost’s website, click here. 

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