ME/CFS Feature Article in ASBMB Today

ASBMB Today ME/CFS Cover Story; Credit:

A feature article on ME/CFS was recently published in the current issue of American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Today. The article, which is the cover story for the March 2018 issue, describes the long and complex history of misdiagnosis and lack of support that patients face when suffering from ME/CFS, and focuses on Lizzie Mooney, a 12-year old girl who has been sick for several years and is unable to attend school or even leave the house more than once a week.

The article discusses the lack of federal funding for research on ME/CFS that has been seen historically, and also highlights patient advocacy and the studies that several scientists involved in rebooting the research are doing, including the recent NIH funding for the Collaborative Research Center grants. “The NIH announcement in September of four grants totaling more than $7 million for fiscal year 2017, and continuing for the next five years, signifies a step in official [ME/CFS] recognition. The new NIH grants will support three collaborative research centers and a data-management coordinating center for [ME/CFS] research.”

To read the full ASBMB Today ME/CFS feature article, click here. 


One thought on “ME/CFS Feature Article in ASBMB Today

  1. LF

    I suggest Lizzie Mooney avoid as much as she can all kind of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and that the house where she leve be inspected by an eletrcian or other person, specialized in corrections and reduction of EMF. Wi-fi are particularly bad for health but all kinds of EMF affect health and especially the one of people suffering form CFS.

    The electrical grounding of the house is really important and must correctly do its job, what is often not the case. It must be in the earth and no on the plumbing.

    Sleeping with the majority of the breakers of the electrical box at “off” is important to help improve health (the ones of her bedroom and the rooms next to her bedroom at least) and not using any wi-fi system or devices in the house is mandatory.

    Reducing dirty electricity with filters for that is alos imporant (see the websites of Graham-Teitzer and Greenwave companies and the articles of Dr Samuel Milham and Magda Havas).

    Many CFS patients realize EMF distrurb them when they begin to reduce their exposure to them.

    Here are many articles for your information.

    Click to access talkingtoyourdoctor.pdf

    see those article in this last website:

    Reducing EMF exposure improves sleep and reduces CFS symptoms

    EMF exposure and CFS health status study

    CFS and EMF exposure (A hypothesis)

    All the best


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