Farewell to Robert “Bob” Courtney

Robert “Bob” Courtney, Credit: MEAction.net

In very sad news, Robert Courtney, a well-known ME/CFS patient and compassionate advocate, has chosen to end his life. At age 48, Bob had been suffering from this terrible disease for thirteen years, and recently experienced a drastic decline in his health. Bob was active in the online ME/CFS community, and was known to many for his kindness and sense of justice. Formerly a care worker, he was passionate about the quality of ME/CFS research, and authored numerous published letters in medical journals.

We are terribly sorry to learn of his passing, and our thoughts are with his family, friends, and the community in this difficult time. Bob will be remembered as a force for good and all that is just for patients, and his memory will serve as a reminder of how important it is that we keep fighting to find a cure for ME/CFS. Rest in peace, Bob.

Click here to read a tribute created by Bob’s friends on MEAction’s website.
Click here to sign the condolence e-card for Bob’s family. 

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