Bateman Horne Center Panel Discussion of Unrest

Yesterday (February 7, 2018), the clinical core for The JAX ME/CFS CRC, Bateman Horne Center, held a screening of Unrest, followed by a panel discussion of the documentary. The panel discussion was shared via their Facebook page, and will also be posted to the BHC Youtube page.

The panel, which consisted of two married couples affected by ME/CFS, discussed the similarities they saw between Jen Brea’s portrayal of the disease and their own experiences. They talked about specific scenes that spoke the most to them, and how loved ones can remain engaged in caring for those who are suffering. They said that the film’s incredible intimacy has allowed people to relate to ME/CFS, and that the success of the documentary has started to lead to new conversations and engagement.

To watch the full BHC Facebook Live video, click here.

To watch Unrest, now available on Netflix, click here. 

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