Time for Unrest: Why patients with [ME/CFS] are demanding justice

Jessica Taylor, bedridden with severe ME since she was 15, has her makeup done by her sister (Shella Films)

A new article recently posted on Independent documents ME/CFS through the lens of Jen Brea’s Unrest. The struggles that patients face and the historical significance of disbelief surrounding the disease are discussed in-depth by Nathalie Wright.

Unrest has recently been shortlisted for an Oscar. The power of documentary film is that viewers are confronted by what is unseen – or ignored; it is a medium that conveys something words cannot. Maybe, finally, [ME/CFS] patients are beginning to be seen.”

Read the “long reads” article on Independent’s website here. 

One thought on “Time for Unrest: Why patients with [ME/CFS] are demanding justice

  1. jimells

    Thank you for promoting this important story. It is the first mainstream press article to “follow the money” back to the origin of the Policy of No Research: the disability insurers.

    Good luck to your new CRC. Are you aware that this is the second time that NIH has established three CRCs for ME? The first three were quietly shutdown in 2003 just as they were starting to produce useful results such as “Abnormal impedance cardiography predicts symptom severity in chronic fatigue syndrome” (Peckerman et al , 2003).

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