New ME/CFS CRC at Stanford

The Open Medicine Foundation has just announced the formation of an ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford University, led by Dr. Ron Davis. OMF will be funding the first year of research at the center, after receiving $1 million in Bitcoin donations, thanks to the generosity of the Pineapple Fund and patient supporters. OMF is also actively fundraising to support the remainder of the research, which is estimated to take another four years.

Dr. Davis, a Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at Stanford University, develops new technologies to do cutting-edge research on a variety of topics, including cancer, immunology, infectious disease, and genetics. His current mission is to discover the cause of ME/CFS, and develop a diagnostic test and cure for the disease.

Open Medicine Foundation is actively involved in social media and the patient community, and news related to the Stanford CRC can be found in several locations:

OMF Facebook
OMF Website and Stanford CRC Announcement
Signup for OMF Newsletter

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