Farewell to Anne Örtegren

Anne Örtegren

In heartbreaking news, Anne Örtegren, a Swedish activist and ME/CFS patient, has recently chosen to end her life. She had been suffering greatly from this terrible illness, and chose to end that suffering. Anne was well-known in the patient community, and often wrote for HealthRising. Before her assisted suicide, she wrote a farewell post, explaining how her illness had dramatically changed her life and why she made this  extremely final decision. We are terribly shaken and sorry to learn of her passing. This is a reminder to all of us – scientists, physicians, funding and government agencies, that ME/CFS can no longer be neglected! Anne will be remembered for her courage, and her memory will remain as a reminder of what we are fighting for. Rest in peace, Anne.

Click here to read her farewell post on HealthRising’s website.

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