Nature Article: A Reboot for [ME/CFS] Research

Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Allen keeps careful records of the many treatments she has undergone to relieve the symptoms of [ME/CFS]. Credit: Preston Gannaway for Nature

An excellent, well-balanced, and detailed synopsis on the current state of ME/CFS research was just published in Nature. The article, written by science journalist  Amy Maxmen, provides a  brief history of the ME/CFS disease, including “the early days,” like the Lake Tahoe epidemic, as well as more recent events such as the latest clinical trial of rituximab on ME/CFS patients.

Maxmen highlights the research that several scientists involved in rebooting the research are doing, and also talks about the NIH Collaborative Research Center grants. She also interviewed Derya Unutmaz about the potential role of the immunological, metabolic, and microbiome interplay of patients suffering from ME/CFS. This new research could be the tipping point for understanding this complex disease and developing much needed treatments.

Read the full article on Nature’s website here. 

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